Bausch & Lomb PhotoZoom Microscope

HEADLINE: Life never looked better.

COPY: Have you ever wanted a wider visual field with your inverted microscope? Or wished you could put a reticle on your photomicrographs? Or wanted to zoom in on one unusual cell and see exactly what's going on?

Now you can, with the new PhotoZoom (tm) inverted microscope from Bausch & Lomb.

It's got everything you need for maximum efficiency and increased productivity. Like a wider visual field. A built-in camera port that accepts either 35mm or CCTV for quick and easy documentation. A zoom system that stays in focus as you zoom. A reticle system that projects a scale onto the film. (The reticle and the zoom actually work together so you never have to recalibrate.)

In fact, all these features are standard on the PhotoZoom inverted microscope. And, as a group, unavailable on any other inverted microscope in the world.

So get a PhotoZoom inverted microscope. And get a whole new outlook on life. For more information or a demonstration of the new PhtoZoom inverted microscope, call us at 1-716-338-8398.





Accepts six sets of eyepieces, including ultrawide 15X with 20mm field of view.

Adjustable interpupillry distance. Range is 50-75 mm, the widest available anywhere.

Conveniently located camera port doesn't block your visual or manual access to the specimen.

Reticle and zoom systems work together on both the obvervation tube and the camera port. So the reticle can be included in your photomicrographs. And you never have to recalibrate as you zoom.

Only focusable condenser with either high-resolution 65mm working distance or standard 105 mm working distance. Swings out of the way.

Stage plates available in three sizes up to 320mm X 208mm to fit a wide range of culture vessels.

Quick-change stage locking device for increased productivity. No tools required. Solid one-piece stage for superior flatness and improved stability.

Fluid-proof nosepiece cap protects internal systems from damage or contamination.

Precise coaxial coarse and fine focus for sharper images at high magnification.

0.8X - 2.0 X zoom system. Reduces the need to change objectives. Parafocal at all magnifications. 25mm-wide field (at 0.8X zoom) provides a specimen field 56% larger than other inverted microscopes. Allows for faster culture scanning.




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