To sporting goods retailers:

You've thought of stocking some mp3 players. But you've heard or, worse, found out for yourself that the ones with highest capacity have the highest likelihood of not making through the bike rally. Or the ski race. Or even down a few runs down the beginners' trail.

Why? Because that nifty space is on that same persnickety device that can fail when sitting peacefully on your non-moving desk: a hard drive.

That would leave you with a few or a few too many unhappy customers as they return to your store to have their mp3 players fixed.

But that won't happen with the cool, sturdy new mbot ™.

It is a mini-marvel. A small down-vest-pocket-sized mp3 player that can handle so much more. Like giving you FM radio in the lift lines or recording FM radio. Or recording the instructor's lessons to aid your memory.

The mbot™ can play the mp3 for you anywhere. Or play back your digital text with its remarkable Text to Speech feature. (Just use you laptop to make the conversion with mbot's software, and play the story back on your mbot.)

With all these innovative capabilities, shouldn't you be offering the new mbot pocket-size media system to your customers?

And right now, we offering you a sample for a great price: the wholesale case price for a case of one. See the enclosed card for the details of this special, no-strings-attached way to try out the mbot for yourself.

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