Attention Shimano Triton reel owners: Your new reel is missing a very important part.


(INSIDE) (LIFE-SIZE picture of rod)

Introducing Triton SpeedMaster Rods from Shimano. The rods your reel was made for.




Be honest. Can you really see your new Triton (R) reel on anything but a new Graphite-Composite Triton SpeedMaster (tm) rod?

If not, you'll be glad to know these new rods are available right now at the same store where you bought your Triton reel.

Just in time, too. Because the fish are in! Which means you can head out tomorrow with some of the most awesome looking equipment on the water. Provided, of course, you get down to your Shimano dealer today.

But before you go rushing off, a word about these new rods:

All ten have been specially designed to complement your new Triton SeaSpin (tm) with BaitRunner (tm).

So like the reels themselves, these new Graphite-Composite SpeedMaster rods are incredibly light. In fact, a complete Triton outfit featuring your new Triton reel and a SpeedMaster rod actually weighs less than somebody else's comparable-class reel alone!

And each rods features only the lightest, highest-quality componentry. Like AFTCO(R) stripper and tip-top roller guides on the trolling models and top-of-the-line Fuji guides, with aluminum oxide inserts, on the casting and spinning models.

No doubt you noticed the reel seats. And if they look like nothing you've ever seen before, you're right. Because they're an entirely new big-game design, made Fuji Graphite and commissioned by Shimano exclusively for our SpeedMaster Series. They're strong, non-corrosive, lighter, and more comfortable than the best reel seats currently available.

We could go on, but we know you're in a hurry to get down to your Shimano dealer to see these new Graphite-Composite Triton SpeedMaster rods -- up close and awesome. So don't let us keep you.

Just remember. Your new Shimano Triton Trolling Series reel, Triton Lever Drag reel or Triton SeaSpin reel is the finest fish-catching instrument money can buy. Wouldn't it be a shame to fish it on a rod engineered to a lesser standard?

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